Available in 4 Frames

Nucleus hives  (NUCS) are an excellent way to get started in beekeeping,  essentially a small established hive.  Our NUCS are 4 frames.  Each will contain a laying queen, 1 frame of food, and 1 drawn frame of comb.  The 4 frames NUC will have 2 frames of brood. Each full frame of brood consists of approximately 7,000 babies to hatch.  In addition, to the brood frames, each Nuc will have about 10,000 bees.

Note: A full 10 frame brood box contains 30-60,000 bees.

Overwintered Nucs: Are proven stock that is available in early spring.

Available in Mid Spring: 

  • 4 Frame Nuc
  • *Local pick-up only


Local Queens Available

Locally raised queens available April to September.

To reserve or purchase Nucs/Queens please contact Alderlee Bees.

Caution: Purchase only government-inspected bees to ensure health. Inspection is also required if purchasing used equipment.

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