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We are a small home-based business that began in 2015, located in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

As a wife and husband duo, we often talked about adding a beehive to our garden and thus our bee experience started. Like many, it started as a hobby, but it has now bloomed into a small business.

The more we learned about bees the more passionate we became and it has simply grown from there.  There is a large learning curve for these little miracles.  They are fascinating little creatures and the more you learn, the more you realize the learning will never cease.

Like everyone, we started reading and learning, attended a beekeepers course, joined our local bee club and in 2019 Marie attended the Beemaster’s Course at UBC.

Both Bruce and Marie have served as the executive of the Cowichan Beekeepers for the past several years.  Marie is currently serving on Cowichan Beekeepers as president for the upcoming 2023 beekeeping season.

…from our hive to yours… Marie & Bruce

Our Bees

Situated in Cowichan Station, our bees are located on our home property. Having them close makes it convenient to monitor and care for them. After the main nectar flows, there is a dearth so we load the bees in the truck and take them to the mountains where they can forage on the fireweed bloom.  Fireweed produces some of the nicest honey.

There are many products that can be produced from the hive and we are pleased to present  a few of our favourites to you and hope that you enjoy them.

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